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How We Spent Less Than 12 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

July 18, 2016 nandrawr 0 Comments

I took an impromptu long weekend getaway to KL and Melaka back in June with some friends, because we need to escape our desks and cubicles. The plan was to take a road trip to Melaka the evening after we arrive in KL. We’d wait and kill time in KL before heading to Melaka, which turned out to be a really great plan. So, we got to KL at around 9am and we had less than 12 hours to kill. Here’s what we got up to. As told in lists because I can’t be bothered.

1. Buy a SIM card with a reasonably priced data package to use for wi-fi, as soon as we landed at KLIA. Gotta stay connected on the road and tell our mums we’re still alive. We got ours for just RM 32, pretty good deal when we split it 3 ways.
2. Take the bus to KL Sentral because it’s cheap and we have a lot of time to kill so screw the RM50 KL Express.
3. Head to Pasar Seni because we got to find a so-called legendary Indian place, we read from this travel blog.
4. Find out the place doesn’t exist anymore, eat at the first Nasi Kandar place we found.
5. Eat a lot of biryani and curry. Feel satisfied.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

6. Walk to Petaling Street, marvel at how it feels just like Pasar Baru here. Find a cafe to cool down and have some coffee.
7. Head to Taman Perdana, because we have to kill time before our friend Souvil pick us up. Decide to walk because it didn’t look too far away on the map.
8. Realise how hot it was and Taman Perdana is indeed quite the walk.
9. Found out the bird park at Taman Perdana costs RM 50 to get in. Decide it’s not worth to pay just to get some shade.
10. Continue walking. Found a park and vast sea of green.
11. Be amazed at the existence of a park in the middle of a city. Realise what a luxury green space is for us who lives in Jakarta.
12. Wonder why there aren’t any parks like this in Jakarta. Well, we do have Monas and it’s filled with street vendors and rubbish everywhere *sigh*
13. Continue exploring the park, take photos at instagramable places.
14. Found a gazebo, drop our bags and lay down. Take advantage of the free wi-fi (at a park!!!!), upload photos and make friends and colleagues in Jakarta jealous of our funtimes.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

15. Talk about random stuff and gossip while lazing around at the park.
16. Try to find the exit, found a playground instead.
17. Embraced inner child, play at the playground amongst 5-year-olds. Try to not look like a paedo.
18. Take more happy pictures at the playground so we can show off to people of Facebook and Instagram how happy we were.

19. Really walk towards the exit this time because it looks like it’s going to rain.
20. Find a random mamak place not far from the exit, coordinate with Souvil to meet up there before our drive to Melaka.
21. Get stuck in mamak place due to sudden storm, feel grateful we found shelter right on time.
22. Get educated on how to play poker and capsa. Yes, I’m very shit at card games okay.
23. Play cards and have intense discussion on the gender pay gap while waiting for Souvil to come save us.
24. Why are we even talking about the gender pay gap on holiday? Beats me.
25. Souvil finally came to the rescue and we go onwards to Melaka! But first food…


Clockwise from left: Butter pork (the best dish!), Peranakan style fish, salted egg chicken wings. Thanks to Ray for the food snaps! 🙂

With all those yummy goodies in our tummy, we head off for the 2-hour drive to Melaka. Kudos to Souvil for driving us there, despite having spent an entire day at work and putting up with our random rants on socio-political issues.


Featured Image from Pexels

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